aside Welcome to Moe University

Welcome to Moe University or: Getting started once again.

Greetings! When you’ve found this blog, chances are high you either are familiar with my work or you may have a distinct interest in toy photography.

Either way, I welcome you to my new project that is named “Moe University” which will have the overall goal to raise cuteness awareness among our local community. But for starters I will mainly use this new brand to spread my love for scale figure photography. I also have intentions to expand the content to make reviews and articles covering up recent developments within the otaku culture. For the next few months this will be for figure photos and the story behind this photos only.

If you are curious about me as a person I added this “about me” section that can give you a little insight about the person standing behind “Moe University” and our mascot Toshiko Moeru. Please feel free to read through my articles.

Just one thing: If you haven’t already figured it out by now due to my wording and writing style, English is not my native language. I will try to have our articles written in an easy and understandable way and will also have them proofread most of the time, but please forgive me for any major or minor misspelling or false grammar.

Also be sure to check out my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for news and updates around my projects.

Yours sincerely

Edi Edhutschek
Headmaster of Moe University

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