Smol EXP grind

“Do your dailies very day and soon you might have the power to overcome all the hurdles life throws at you.”

Raphtalia is slaying Balloons and some Mushs outside the castle walls in anticipation of her next level up.

About the figure:

I pre-ordered and bought this childhood version of Raphtalia back in 2019. First, I wasn’t quite sure about the quality of this Pulchra figure but once she arrived, I quickly come to terms with her. Nowadays I consider little Raphtalia as one of my best buys in 2019 and taking a quick look on reseller sites, her initial sticker price already tripled. I love the compact, themed base as well as her friendly face. The figure itself is not that big since Raphi is depicted as a child and she is also leaning on this pile of Mushs and Balloons but since the scale is 1/7 they implemented some really nice details here._DSC1094

For more details about my thought on this release I can now link you to my video review for this figure. Besides my photos, last year I started making video reviews of certain figures I bought. So, I would encourage you to hop over to YouTube and subscribe to this new channel of mine because who knows, maybe I will someday make a video about a figure you are interested in.

About the series:

The Rising of the Shield Hero or Tate no Yuusha no Narigari is a light novel adaptation produced by Kinema Citrus. It originally aired in early 2019 and quickly became the new “everybody’s darling”. But in my opinion the hype died off pretty quickly and it got washed away by the big recent wave of new Isekai titles.


As for me I never watched the show because when I glanced over a few episodes and read the backstory of Raphtalia it all seemed pretty dark and serious. But I, for one like my truck-kun shows to be funny/silly. So, Shield Hero never really caught my attention.

Thoughts about the picture:

Have you ever made a perfectly good prop only to realize that your setup will look far better without it? It happens to me all the time. A few weeks ago I had to reconsider the usage of my carefully crafted sakura tree and this week I literally teared down a wall that was originally intended to be the separation point between fore- and background.


Because when I crafted the base extension for this figure on a flat piece of cardboard (Pro tip: Never throw away those thick chunks of cardboard that come with your new Ikea furniture) I kinda realized that I will need something in between the fake background and the real one. So I constructed this city wall made out cardboard, leftover leveling compound and a package of Super Sculpey that lived in one of my drawers for far too long. To be honest, for the cheap materials and techniques I used the wall started to look pretty convincing. I even constructed a wooden roof for a much nicer finish.


But unfortunately, my apprehensions came true and the wall was far too high. Not necessarily in terms of scale matching the figure but to include it into my final composition. The idea was to have Raphtalia play in front of the wall and have this model of a castle appear behind those city gates. But either the wall was too high for that or the distance between figure and wall was too close. So I dismantled it and only used the lower part for the final picture. Luckily I planed ahead and the main parts of the wall were only connected with long nails (Yet another tip: Thick cardboard and long nails go together perfectly).

In the end I was satisfied how this outdoor shoot turned out. As you can see based on my portfolio, I rarely go outside when shooting my figures. Outdoor sets are much harder to plan because you have taken things like weather, wind and sunlight into consideration. Also, every time I do this, I apparently upset some mosquitoes and other nasty insects that annoy you while trying to get the best picture. And don’t even get my started that you cant see sh*t on your camera display in bright daylight.


Sony Alpha 7R II, 55mm lens / ISO 100 /Exposure time 1/80 sec. /aperture: F/7.1


Time and effort: Crafting the floor plate was relatively time consuming since I wanted to match her originally base as close as possible. Making the wall also took a while but most of it was “watching paint dry”. The final setup was quickly shot in a public park on a sunny afternoon.


Costs of the props: All the structures were made out of leftover materials like modeling clay and cardboard. The only thing I bought specifically for this picture was the green floor mat and some moss. The castle in the background was already build and set up by someone else – lucky me.



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