Welcome to Moe University

An institution for raising the awareness of cuteness in a not so cute world.


My name is Edi Edhutschek and I’m living in Austria. Too bad that all the things I love come from a land far far away: Japan.

After doing photos of scale figures for quite a while now, I decided to take my hobby to the next stage. I created the brand name “Moe University” in order to have a place where I can post not only my works, but also some background information about the pictures I made.

Since this new project of mine is still in its infancy I assume I only will be able to make baby steps forward, not exactly knowing what the future of this “institution” will held. My goals are definitely set high and hopefully the diversity of content, provided on this website will be expanded over the course of one year. Maybe soon you it will not only feature final pictures and behind the scene looks, but also reviews of certain figures and DIY tutorials for mini figure props.

One of the higher goals for this project is to promote my work as a photographer, but I also want to raise the awareness of japanese otaku culture in a country that currently isn’t that “moe” yet.

If you want to learn more about my older works, I highly recommending my private deviantART page as well as an older WordPress Blog where a friend of mine and I did a similar thing a couple years ago.

Since nowadays no one will read a boring blog entry anymore, I also made sure that “Moe University” can be found on all major social media pages as well.


By the way, the cute girl on the right is this universities mascot Toshiko Moeru – written with the characters 敏子 for “clever child” and 燃える for “to burn” as the alleged origin of the slang word “moe”. Her character design was done by VikiBuNNy, an illustrator who is not only massively talented, but also happens to be my fiancée.

I hope you like her because as the main mascot you will definitely see her a lot here at “Moe University”.

For any kind of questions or feedback you are always welcome to contact me under contact@moeuniversity.com.


Edi Edhutschek
-Headmaster of Moe University-