Moe at the museum

“Those figures are no toys, they are collectibles and therefore we should treat them with great care and respect.”

About the figure:

This 23 centimeter tall PVC figure from the manufacturer Alter was sculpted by Kima after an illustration of Oyari Ashito showing Beethoven, one of the main characters from the Eiyuu*Senki  series. It was released in May 2015 in Japan.Beethoven_Detail002

As you can see, the figure has a relatively simple pose and the color scheme. The main focus definitely lies on the lovely detailed violin (you can remove it from her hands) as well as the pillar-shaped base.

Althought it’s a figure from an ero-game it’s hard to see her pink panties. To achieve that you must lower your angle far enough because of her realtive long pianothemed skirt.

The headphones show a bold “B” on them which is also a great little detail. Since the figure isn’t too colorful the eyes pop out even more and if you look very closely you can see tiny notes as reflections.Beethoven_Detail003

About the series:

Eiyuu*Senki is a turn based strategy game developed by Tenco and published by 5pb. Games (you know, the people behind Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate) released in 2012. The games basic plot is that you as a leader of a nation must conquer the world, by using an army of moe girls all based on great historical or mythological persons.Beethoven_Detail007The character in the game was voiced by Yukito Saori and is of course based on the famous German musician Ludwig van Beethoven.Beethoven_Detail005

Thoughts about the picture: 

I bought our little Beethoven on the second hand market from some collector in Germany and once we had seen how much love they invested in her base I immediately came up with the idea for this photo.


I’ve never seen such kind of a base. They even bothered to put some carpetlike red velvet on the ground to give her a more luxurious look. My main goal was to create a scenery that could be strait out of an old art museum and therefore I crafted some stanchions, a tiled floor and some old fashioned paintings in the background.


Behind the scenes:

The biggest challenge when creating this scenery was how to design those golden stanchions you often see at exhibitions and the like. At first I searched on the web if someone might sell them already in an appropriate scale. While browsing I came across a site called “Maple Leaf Miniatures”. They offer a set of miniature brass-stanchions at the scale of 1/6 that looked gorgeous. There was only one down side: They cost 170 USD (3 pieces). And since I weren’t planning to spend three times the value of the figure on props I decided to craft them by myself.

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I went to the hardware store and found some eyelets, washers and a metal pole which seems to fit together. I cutted the pole dowen to the desired length and drilled a tiny hole into it. Then I glued those three pieces together and placed an acrylic pearl on top of it.


Since the pearl, the pole and the cord mount all had different shades of gold I needed to fix that with a golden spray paint. Finally I could assemble the pole with the red colored cord. Therefore I bought some golden closures.

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The other parts of the scenery weren’t that hard to create. From the hardware store I used one sheet of small tiles in order to get a checkerboard pattern.  The background is one sheet of decorative paper and some miniature frames you can buy on the internet when searching for doll house interior.


Here you can see me setting up everything nicely with some soft lights to create the perfect miniature museum setting.

Canon EOS 5D, 90mm Macro lense / ISO 200 / Exposure time 0.2 sec. / aperture: 20n


Time and effort: 
About two hours for creating the stanchions and one additional hour for everything else.

CostsCosts of the props:
About 50 EUR. Since I had to buy whole packages of the fittings, washers and closure caps for the whole scenery.


It became “Picture of the day” and also “Picture of the week” on “My Figure Collection”.



One comment

  1. Alter’s Beethoven is indeed a very cute and elaborately looking figure, I nearly got one for myself.
    It’s a pretty design with her fancy outfit and the mainly present brown color gives her a classic appearance.
    You did a great job with the setting for the figure, the floor and the stanchions add a lot of atmosphere.
    I became a bit lazy with building props for figure shootings, sometimes I have a clear idea in mind, sometimes not really.


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